"While creating the the Special Project I found out that each time I would experience Art by CP, I would become more drawn into understanding mankind through the "Ways of Knowing." It would result into a CLASSIC appreciation of traditions, INSPIRED to expand my consciousness to IMAGINE a better future and EXLORE the possibilities to make it happen." Carlos Pijeira, CP

Special Project

Once the value was established for the Special Project of Art by CP, through the process "metaphysical [impression] of art creation", the next area of thought and reflection would go into understanding the art creation Art by Carlos Pijeira was with the process "metaphysical [expression] of art creation". This process would then become a beginning point in establishing the realization for Art by CP–a process designed to observe the connectivity between metaphysical impression and expression.

Art by CP morphs the philosophical questions of: "Who am I?" and "Who are we?" or "WHO?", with: "Why me?" and "Why us?" or "WHY?", also: "What can I do?" and "What can we do?" or "WHAT?", with: "Where am I going?" and "Where are we going?" or "WHERE?". These questions begin a thought process for the metaphysical art of the Special Project. A pure inspirational thought that turns into a PERCEPT for the artist. This percept, or mental impression of the human senses, then becomes a IDEA based on a perception for the formulation of a CONCEPT. This concept conveys an IDEA that evolves the inspiring artist VISION for his metaphysical art and begins to answer questions as to the purpose of for the art creation. READ MORE - SCROLL DOWN

Art by CP metaphysical expression of art contains a Special Project VISION with an art MESSAGE crafted into the artwork for the world to enjoy by looking at, thinking about, and discussing over. This message becomes a metaphysical art component of which is drawn from the artist life experiences. Included in this human experience is education and knowledge, faith and spirituality, interests and passions that helps define a real reality for the artist. All of which helps form an ideology based on the artist's world view and Universal view derived from art, culture, philosophy and science. In total, it provides the artist with a realm of interpreting his surreal reality.

The MESSAGE is what defines the art creation COMPONENT that begins to build a belief structure and a true nature of being for the artist and his art. It is the reflection of his purpose and his mission in life that creates the themes and elements for his observations of life, his interest for world history, his imagination for the future and his concerns for the forces that can alter the progress of mankind.

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The chart below shows the metaphysical "expression" of art creation that goes into building the structure for the Art by CP Special Project. See Chart #2 >

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