"The Special Project of Art by CP would become for me a journey of discovery into humanity's existence of past, present and future. During the process of gathering research material for my creative and analytical works, the experience evolved into a source for understating my life and purpose." –Carlos Pijeira, CP

Special Project

Art by CP, or Art by Carlos Pijeira, was created to provide its viewer with a Special Project VALUE that begins with visual arts curiosity and insight into the advancement or disruption of mankind's existence throughout time. Art by CP was conceived by Carlos Pijeira, the artist featured throughout Art by CP. He placed much thought and reflection upon what "VALUE" the Special Project would have towards enhancing the viewer's mind-body wellness when someone experienced his creative and analytical works.

The effect of Art by CP to be successful in achieving its VISION relies heavily on the causation to enhance artist mission, art goals, and artist dream, in order to have the Special Project be successful in offering its value to society. This value contains four purposes in achieving something very different from any other type of visual art project which truly makes Art by CP a very Special Project:

Firstly, to establish a "simple benefit of VALUE" in which Art by CP would enhance the artist's life mission by reinforcing his philosophy, life's goals, and personal dream for current and future generations to enjoy and remember his art with its messaging.


Secondly, it would help the Special Project successes to generate a "grand benefit of VALUE" to those that experience Art by CP by helping spread the "idea virus" behind the Art by CP concept, theme, and message. Which will advance the mind-body wellness of the Special Project viewer.

Thirdly, even more thought and reflection would be placed into what "ultimate benefit of VALUE" the Special Project would have in helping to advance man's mission, goal and dream, through a positive ideology that adhered to a "conscious provide" and "meaning of life." It would be determined that though visual art and artwork messaging, that human existence and experience would become prevalent throughout the Special Project. And that the Special Project would make it a top priority to open eyes, hearts, and minds, so that it would lead into having viewers to think about helping build a better-freer tomorrow.

Lastly, it is also important to make mention that the benefits with the types of "VALUE" described above, that there are other values associated with "artistic merit" of the Art by CP Special Project. The other values are: personal, social, political, economic and faith based. All of which will help form in the later stages of viewing the Special Project in its brand based in art, wellness and entertainment.

SPECIAL PROJECT NOTICE: Art by CP is100% artist independent, and is not associated with any group–political or otherwise. Plainly stated, the Special Project of Art by CP is about the complete works, both creative and analytical, of Carlos Pijeira. No hidden agenda. No paid propaganda. No religious preaching. No fake or false of anything...just raw talent & learned skills, relentless dedication & sheer determination, critical thought, original ideas, and a clear vision that can easily be summed up to, "pure willpower of creative energy!"

All artwork that was directly created by the artist Carlos Pijeira is for the Art by CP Special Project and is part of the Art by CP VISION of mission, goals and dream (see below notice box for description). All the Special Project individual artwork pieces, other than commissioned artwork pieces, that are created for hire and offered to be used within the Special Project by its art owner, is created in the USA by the American (natural born citizen) artist, Carlos Pijeira, solely for the intent and use within the Art by CP Special Project. All original artwork of Art by CP is not for sale and is held by the artist in his own personal art collection.

Reproduction and representational merchandise are created to support the cause for the Special Project, along with any private donations made to the Special Project or artist. Any other venture that provides access to the Special Project art by the general public in any form is modestly done for "profit," and at times, even for "charity," in order to support the cause of Art by CP Special Project.

The reason for taking this approach with the art for the Art by CP Special Project is to remain true to the cause for which the Special Project was created for and to respect the internal purity of intent for the VALUE, set forth with the Special Project and without any external purpose.


Special Project [MISSION]

The Art by CP MISSION is to provide, starting with local communities throughout America, a much needed awakening (red pill) of mind-body wellness through the unique Art by CP communication aspects of: advertising, marketing, promotion and networking. Art by CP has branded form of communication as, "Art Wellness Entertainment" within its concept of mind-body wellness, and functions in both in a virtual realm of: "internet & interactive - web based" (non-permanent) and in a physical realm of: "art gallery, tour show & store - design and print" (permanently based) which would all make up the Special Project in order to accomplish its mission.

The mission set forth for Art by CP is to provide a well thought out psychological impact or mind-set and understanding of man existence that goes beyond his planetary evolution of just past and present. By expanding the artist vision through the value of the Special Project, the art will showcase the paths that humanity has taken, that is in the process of taking and that could notably take in the future order to keep existing in tomorrow's world or space. These choices of which are being made today by the power brokers of man will highlighted in order to show how it will effect all of mankind in time to come.

Art by CP has a mission to provide insight the world's planners, enforcers and contributors of man's dark side with it's art in order to show the predicament in which human kind repeatedly finds itself in and will hopefully get itself out of eventually from spiraling out of control in chaos. With Art by CP, a complex world is made easier to understand through its artwork imagery and messaging. All while keeping the Special Project's concept in a rational state of logic and reason with a "realistic" method of inspirational and imaginative aspects of art creation.

Special Project [GOAL]

Art by CP GOAL is based on an "art" goal (based in art imagery and messaging) and an artist's individual dream (based on his philosophy and belief) to achieve success with his artistic career and uphold his moral value to society in a lifetime. The concept of Art by CP also follows an irrational state of thinking and escape with a "surrealistic" method of inspirational and imaginative aspects of art collections which is based on man's mission, goals and [collective] dream in achieve success within his artistic contribution towards humanity.

Together the simple and grand benefits of value would go on to form, through a process of "metaphysical [impression] of art creation", an "ultimate benefit of value" for having created Art by CP. This VALUE that would spark the idea behind the concept and theme for Art by CP to "spread awareness about mankind's current state of being, causes for its state of being, and solutions for its state of being". The ultimate benefit of a value layers abstracts of artwork messages, themes and concepts within Art by CP so that a main message emerges and can be shared with the entire world. This main message would emerge from assorted messages that come from each individual artwork and focuses on a positive vision for the future through art, culture, philosophy and science through metaphysical impression of art creation.

Special Project [DREAM]

Art by CP was created to seek out "the prospect of a conscious provide for man's existence" through its metaphysical art. Enabling man with a visual arts Special Project, to realize that he is of something both in nature and out of nature–at the same time, of a real and a surreal. That each individual member of mankind has a unique duty to support ones species' advancement with his own unique human experience of thought and consciousness. This action, a duty of sorts, and in part an obligation, is a moral search inside ones being to find ones own true mission in life. And in this process to better understand one's life's within the world, Universe, and realm of existence.

Art by CP also seeks "the prospect of a meaning in life for mankind's existence" through metaphysical art. A rational exploration for the choice of one's purpose in life, or for a goal to one's purpose. Or meaning in having a state of being and doing what relates to a goal, or to a purpose in life. This meaning in life is a pathway that seeks answers for the questions of human experience in order to better enrich life through knowledge and wisdom, fine-tuning and adjustment, and (if needed) changes in course corrections to better ones life or humanity.

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