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Artist quote ...

"The metaphysical state of life is as important as the physical state of life. Yet, most humans overlook trying to understand it's nature and ignore it's importance in life.

–Carlos Pijeira

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About ARTWORK Section (pg. 1 of 4):

The vision for the Art by CP "Artwork" is to provide "ART" by showcasing the art of the artist, Carlos Pijeira CP, with a metaphysical value attached to the artwork.

Think of the artwork as, the telling of a story through the lens of the art itself, made by the artist point of view. In doing so, imprinting time with past history, present day history, and with a futuristic touch of history yet to be made.

The artwork story is one that will last from generation to generation. It is as interesting as it is complex and it will amaze the viewer of today as tomorrow without boredom. It will leave a lasting impression upon one's memory in which to pass on the experience that the Special Project of Art by CP will become from those that will experience it.

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Artist Statement:

In my opinion, is not just created for artwork sake. This was something that I understood from the very beginning of my "journey of discovery" into the arts.

I knew this art value in my the heart from the very start of my art career, that every art piece I would eventually create would become part of my story... and of history. My first lesson in art was to keep all of my work safely stored away through time.

This art value of keeping my artwork would be one of many that I would learn throughout the years and would allow me truly value my work. I could not waist time away in creating meaningless art to fill my time or enjoyment with no purpose... I always preferred not to create fine art at all, versus to create fine art for that had no purpose at all.

by Carlos Pijeira

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The structure behind Art by CP is a contruct of inspiration, imagination and exploration bonded together with creativity and thought of reason and logic. The structure uses "
metaphysics" in comination with other branches of "philosophy" to understand reality. It helps one observe the world, Universe and realm that we live in, from micro to macro, to achieve higher levels of consciousness.

Art by CP compartmentalizes its artwork into two different containers of thought expression. Container one, "
rational" thought and Container two, "non-rational" thought. These containers allow the human mind to sort out and convert observation to perception, by creating art from a "simplistic to complex" and "inward to outward" as per the human introspect, for the Special Project's grand message. With these containers a vision begins to form for the Special Project.

The metaphysical art showcased at the Art by CP Special Project is simple to understand when observed as a single artwork. It becomes complex when observed as an art "piece" or an art "group" within an art "series." And even more complex when observed as an art series within an art "collection".This layering of thought perception and interaction between an individual state and a collective state was intentionally conceived with a grand purpose in mind by artist, CP. As he describes it, "The metaphysical art of Art by CP is like walking up a stairway into superior levels of consciousness that leads one towards a higher level of human observation and understanding."

There are a five metaphysical art "components" to also factor in when observing each individual artwork piece:

• The artwork "time-line"component that is divided into past, present and future components.

• The artwork story-line and messaging or "theme" component for the art pieces, art series and art collections that contain a Special Project concept story-line with superficial and subliminal massaging hidden into the art as symbols, and an over-arching Special Project grand message.

• The artwork "style" component that is divided into two classes, "real and surreal" or "realistic and surrealistic." Also to keep in mind when observing the Art by CP metaphysical art:

• The artwork "technique" and "effect" that were used to create and enhance the art, each entertaining in it's own method of adding value to the artwork as quality and entertainment.



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