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Outdoor Butterflies:
A look back, present
and Future.

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New challenges, preferably the type that get progressively harder, are needed for an artist to really improve his craft. This probably applies to many other chosen career paths, but lets stick to visual arts for this analysis, as it can be a profession that is underscored, or even overlooked in modern society.

Eventually, as the artist advances with his craft, he or she begins figuring out that 'fine art' is not only just about self-expression or interpreting or the world around one's self. The wise artist will come across an element of truth, that the making of a real true artist includes a manifestation of an inner mind-body wellness development, within his or her metaphysical status.

In order for the artist to exceed beyond the mid mark of mediocrity towards the high mark of artistic mastery, the artist has to tap into a euphoric (healthy / happy) "transformation" of inner being. You not only have to think outside the box when activating inspiration for art creation and messaging, you have to create the box and everything around it. If the exercise in craftsmanship is managed properly, it will provide a type of total satisfaction of achievement, like few in human purpose provides.

A "transformation" as defined by CP:
In an organizational context, a process of profound and radical change that orients an individual in a new direction and takes it to an entirely different level of effectiveness.

For this transformation to happen, an artist must prove to have faith in himself or herself. He or she, must avoid being timid or even fearful to engage in any artistic challenge. An understanding has to be reached from within acknowledging that materialistic gain is not the driving force for the art endeavor, or the end-all purpose of one's artwork. Transformation is the quest for one's 'spiritual growth.'

An artist must learn to set aside society's distractions of evil man's propaganda/brainwashing so that learning to sense a moral advancement of one's self awareness with humanity takes hold. The human intuition button has to be kept 'on' at all times to enable proper perception in a deceptive world.

Most important of all, the art created by a real true artist should solidify a closeness with all that is good. Thus, projecting him or her towards the good and divine, by acknowledging and fully accepting the ramifications that one's artwork creates as the result of his or her mission in life.

In short, if a real true artist wishes to create classic, inspiring, imaginative or evolving art in a 'high standard' mode that fulfills expectations of the artist and art viewer, anything that weighs down the artist's goal and mission must be avoided.

As I look back on my life, and try to sort out its meaning and purpose by using my mind's metaphysical blocks of time (structured in decades), to dissect the timeline that got me to this point in life to understand who I am, it amazes me how much time was discarded for mere pleasure. I am glad that in my mid-point in life I was able to spot the negative areas within it and stop the cycles of ignorance I had. It has resulted in a maximum priority of making up for lost time, and making the best out of my remaining lifetime.

Being a true artist is not easy when one has to now and then unplug from society, in order to create metaphysical art. To do so, involves knowing that its just you and the artwork and nothing in between. It also means there is no guarantee that one's invested time in the artwork will be rewarded at all outside the safe confines of artist and artwork confine. The only thing that is guaranteed to the artist is that his or her task was achieved within the proper order of being a true artist. Everything else, outside the artist's moral and metaphysical value systems is left in the Lord's hands, by knowing that you are doing the right work for the right reason.

Creating art for one 'self' does have rewards. The primary one is the "metaphysical value" that one places in one's works of art. Sometimes staying focused on one's mission and goals can be very difficult, especially when you realize that it can get lonely with the time dedicated in creating art. But the greatest reward is the feeling one gets when viewing the finished art piece. Most of society cannot relate to this effort that an artist makes. People will tell you, "Get a day job!" or "Put art on hold to save up, and later on try again!," although these options are logical, and can make total sense, in the end, these easy solutions will only waste more time for an artist. For me, wasting time was no longer an option.

Featured Art Sculpture "Outdoor Butterflies" - Photo 1


When this custom sculpture was asked to be designed by the home owner, the only request made was that the outdoor pool bathroom, when one enters, have an ambiance like that of ... "an icy flow with beauty!"

Well, the artist certainly meet the vision for this sculpture project and everyone was very happy with the outcome. Enjoy!

  Outdoor Butterflies Sculpture was first sketched out with graphite pencil on white paper. The sketches were then designed as color graphics using a computer graphics program, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.  
Featured Art Sculpture "Outdoor Butterflies" - Photo 2

Below you will find the computer graphics for the Special Project "Outdoor Butterflies. Click on them to enlarge each butterfly design.

If you have any questions about the art seen here or would be interested in a custom sculpture for your own, click on the link below and send us an e-mail message:


Featured Art Sculpture "Outdoor Butterflies" - Floor Layout

Featured Art Sculpture "Outdoor Butterflies" - Photo 3
WATCH the video (above). CLICK on art design sketch icons (left) of each butterfly. CLICK on art photos (right) to view the enlarged photos of the sculpture project.

Form - Special Project is an exterior art sculpture.
Type - Mosaic (ceramic tile installation) of four art pieces.
Title - "Outdoor Butterflies".
Size - 4' x 8' (combined)

Transformation of Outdoor Butterflies
by Carlos Pijeira

Transformation, when positive, evolves into icy flow of beauty, as one is free. But when negative, its ugliness harms civilization with flaming waves of tyranny, as one is enslaved. Pray man can choose wisely which transformation he undergoes.

From the
Poetry Collection of Carlos Pijeira
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Featured Art Sculpture "Outdoor Butterflies" - Photo 4
Butterfly - Comp 1 Butterfly - Comp 2 Butterfly - Comp 4 Butterfly - Comp 3 Butterflies - Floor Layout Outdoor Butterflies Sculpture. Copyright © 2014, Carlos Pijeira. All rights reserved.

My fine art career was a candle burning on two sides. There was no more time to waste. Art by CP was my priority in life now. This positive attitude would help get me trough the tough times of being reclusive person inside my art studio. I just knew in the end all of my hard work would pay off.

After unplugging in the beginning of 2009 from the work force, and reviving my mission in life, by 2010 my art inventory was increasing and this made up for the void I felt at times.

When I show my art to people, I am often asked, "Why are you getting so deep into the weeds with your life in relations to your artwork?". My response comes forth from deep within me, and with quickness, and precision, "Somebody, someday, will care enough to take the time to understand my life and to let someone else know of its result!

Art by CP would become the network for me to explain my artwork and why I created it. If, in the future, my art could help others find meaning in life to better understand themselves and get closer to God...well then, my work of inspiration will then be achieved!

By mid 2012 I was well on my way to putting my fine art career back on track, I was feeling like a whole new person–like it was meant to be! The web site was also taking shape and was helping me figure things out within the Special Project. Things that were alien to me at the start.

"Outdoor Butterflies Sculpture" would metaphysically represent my successful transformation into all the beauty that life represents. The fine art sculpture project was offered to me by a good friend for her home, and I took it knowing it would be another important art piece and extension of my life's work in progress.

I was glad to have the opportunity in creating "Outdoor Butterflies Sculpture." Adding the artwork to my fine art collection has helped me get a step closer to understanding my mission in life by allowing me to focus much thought into the Art by CP Special Project
during the creation process of the artwork.

What do you think about the artwork "Outdoor Butterflies Sculpture"? Let me know, I would appreciate the feedback: CONTACT (Email Form) >


Art by CP was becoming the network for me to showcase my artwork and explain my life's work. By the beginning of 2015 the web site was taking shape, I was drawing and painting art pieces. The more I thought about the frustrating nights I went through trying to figure out why "Art by CP" was brainstormed, I could now begin to understand its purpose. This could only be achieved through my transformation.

Now, through Art by CP everything I had created and thought about could reside in one place and be exposed to the world for others to understand the life's work of a simple, yet complex, artist.

Outdoor Butterflies showed me once again, not to fear the unknown. To be free in mind that whatever it is that I set my mind to and apply my skills, anything can be achieved.

Never, had I worked with mosaic tiles before, and once I began fitting them together it was real fun. It reminded me of my youth when my parents would bring home the Big Ben puzzle box for my sister and I to put together.

Those were the days when just a large puzzle box, say of 1K or 5K pieces–which were my favorite–could keep you busy and entertained for days and weeks. How can something so simple and effective be ignored or forgotten by modern families. I guess society is too busy now-a-days...oh well.

Puzzles are such a great tool in teaching preadolescence children (age 8 to 12), to control early stress by focusing in on a type of building project. Which one has to figure out small shapes, details, colors and patterns, all while putting them together to recreate the photo image that is sampled on the puzzle box cover. The end result provides important training factor in a 'sense of achievement' or 'patience has its reward.' Parents, try it with your families. It is worth the memories!

Painting by numbers is also great tool for bringing out the artist in one. I use to spend hours doing them. I have to give credit to my mother, for installing in me the love of building puzzles and painting, among a long list of other things–primarily my interest in arts and crafts. My creative spark was instigated from my mother's love of art.


Life was simple in the 70s and somewhat of the early 80s. American families would get together in the evenings to watch TV, do puzzles, or play board games. That is if and when our school homework and home chores were done. It is a shame that this American tradition is being lost by the modern American families. Although, I tend to keep it alive and well with my family whenever I get a chance.

Thinking back on how things were and are now with American culture, I have a deep suspicion that the turn of events that accelerated the downward spiral of decay for adults and youths of the Baby Boomer generation during the 60s and 70s in America, can be mostly credited to leftist movement that infiltrated into the USA music and pop culture industries using The Beatles revolution during 1964, and the Hippie sub-culture that culminated in 1968 at the 'Summer of Love' concert which corroded all that was pure in Americana up through the 1970s.

The goal was to disrupt the traditional American family lifestyle and destroy it for good. Americans ware targeted starting 1972, right after the video game known as, "Pong," and the video cassette recorder (VCR) both hit the American market, and about the time. And in 1980, with "Pac Man" that infused the USA video game revolution, climaxing in 1981, with the music revolution of Music Television (MTV) that entered American homes. More on this topic on the upcoming post (Featured Art Sculpture - No. 006).

In closing, just remember, that all this 70s and 80s technology is tied into society's pop-culture, through music, movie, and video. All which was invented for a targeted reason. Hidden from daylight, under the cloth of entertainment.

The evil purpose of is madness is to open the pathway to a new paradigm shift that poisons American society, through mind control programming and social engineering. Do not be fooled is was carefully planned out years in advance by civilization's hidden dark hand of secret societies. More on this topic at a later post.

Expand your critical thinking and joyful creativity. This world needs enlightened individuals with beautiful minds that are awake and free to guide others to be the same. This is the transformation of outdoor butterflies!

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Butterfly - Comp 1 Butterfly - Comp 2 Butterfly - Comp 4 Butterfly - Comp 3 Butterflies - Floor Layout
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Butterfly - Comp 1 Butterfly - Comp 2 Butterfly - Comp 4 Butterfly - Comp 3 Butterflies - Floor Layout