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Pearls For You:
A look back, present and future.

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Immediately following high school, I decided to opt-out of my first and long awaited summer vacation after high school in order to begin collage. I would attend the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, located in South Eastern Florida, USA. This decision would become a proud moment in my life as a beginning artist.


A "proud moment" as defined by CP:
A moment in life that ones self-esteem is held in high regards by displaying his excellence, either of body or mind. A man proud of his person, of his talent, of his accomplishment or his achievement.


Being anxious to begin my career studies in the arts had been a wise choice to make in order to fast track my art career. Summer classes were very small, which in turn allowed teachers to spend more time with each student. This comfort setting would cause a better student to teacher relationship and provided a better communication process to learn the academic courses.

The advantage obtained could not have served me any better. A great education in a totally relaxed environment in a school that was right across the street from a South Florida prime beach. I repeated opting out the following summer also to speed-up the graduation time, and in two years I would complete my studies and graduate. A commitment that to this day I am very proud of for doing.

My seriousness in learning translated into over achieving with all my art studies and projects. A great example is the "Pearls For You" painting. The art project filled me up with pure excitement and a heart-filled challenge. Never had I ever airbrush painted before. Let me even more honest, I was still an armature in regular brush painting, so this was a nerve racking experience. This would be my first scheduled 'airbrush painting' class that I had great interest in and anticipation for to test my skills.

Anyone that grew up in the 1970s will tell you that the 'art of airbrushing' was a very popular thing in American pop culture at that time. From canvas, to clothing to autos and especially vans! Creating art onto these things were cutting-edge, not to mention a lucrative business for the artist that had the touch. So, I was really looking forward into learning the new skill in class.

In no time at all, I found it more scary of mind than of actual process in achieving its mastery. My God given talents in the arts was no match for the art form, and I became quite good at airbrushing. By 1981, after airbrush and painting basics had tough the teachers let the students loose to create whatever we wanted. Just like my good fortune in high school, I was able to have this unique 'freedom to create,' once again and I would take full advantage of this precious opportunity to become a proficient artist in airbrush painting.

Using the knowledge obtained in airbrushing with the use of colored pencils, thanks to my other mastered skill of drawing, along with some brush painting in which high school had engaged me with, I was able to incorporate all these skills with temporal messaging to create several art pieces that made me feel blessed and even more driven with purpose than before.

The moment I picked up the airbrush and crossed the fear barrier of the unknown, it was as this is too easy. Their was a feeling of, that mountain I just climbed was not tall enough ... give me a taller one! Afterwards, in the years to follow, my desire to airbrush would wind down. It just felt as if I was cheating the fact of being an artist. My goal was to be a "true artist" and even if at the time it was not fully making sense to me, the heart and mind was unfolding the value of being this type of artist.

Other areas of learning were also being adapted by my curiosity, such as, the advertising and marketing aspects in the world of art. My learning curve in the early 1980s was quite steep and the advantage of a young heart and mind was ripe for the task. Taking in all the new education from other classes was riveting for me as well. I seem to really enjoy anatomy for some strange reason. Learning about the human body fascinated me ... and I did not even like whatsoever biology in high school.

The art school course of Anatomy turned my attention to a couple of important areas in life, "mind-body wellness" and "being inspired" which would in later years have a huge effect in my journey of discovery and my mission in life. This is something I will discuss in my upcoming blog posts.

The first year in school was going great and was serving as important technical and philosophical processes that were activated within me. I was learning to define and gradually perfect this process in all my art pieces to contain a metaphysical construct in various states (minimal, mid & maximum) in layering of messaging, symbolism and meaning, which at times could not be fully comprehended, but eventually each artwork would reveal itself by a 3D construct of philosophical art messaging.

The newly created art piece "Pearls For You," at its minimal state-of-being construct, would be my first airbrush painting with a serious complex tone for the philosophical art messaging in my art creation.

After creating the drawing "Man's Own World" and having reached such a euphoric feeling after its completion, I wanted to reach the same peak of glory with this airbrush painting and bring another complex art messaging into another art piece with a representation of having one of the pears of wisdom in life–the act of "giving love from the heart by sharing."This happy metaphor would be incorporated with nature, and who does not love nature.

As you take some time to view "Pearls For You" at its mid state-of-being construct, notice; the tall tree has a perspective pointing upwards toward the sky (symbolism: heavenly God and grand purpose of self), notice; the two birds in which one awaits for a gift (symbolism: act of giving love from the hearth by sharing), notice: the pear necklace being depicted (symbolism: pearls of wisdom with water drops represents the effort of sweat and tears it takes to the pure act of giving love), and notice; the perspective of from the big center foreground pearl to the small background pearls (symbolism: to view bigger picture to smaller picture of life). All of which represents the next metaphysical layering of 3D construct of philosophical art messaging.

  Artwork Drawing- Man's Own World
Pearls For You Painting, Copyright © 1981, Carlos Pijeira. All rights reserved.
Pearls for You
by Carlos Pijeira

The act of giving love from the heart by sharing, is for those who choose to accept and give the pearls of wisdom. Both an internal and eternal reward shall be received from the loving God Himself.

From the
Poetry Collection of Carlos Pijeira
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The art piece "Pears For You," at its maximum state-of-being construct, is a representation of the pearls of wisdom in life that has the act of giving love from the heart by sharing, superseding materialism and greed. This dedication if practiced throughout life is so powerful that it provides a vibrancy to one's soul that is easily detected by a feeling of serenity and gratitude. This was final layering in the 3D construct of philosophical art messaging.

A belief of mine is when one is very young, the act giving love from the heart by sharing is normal. Especially when playing and having fun. Kids that shun from this act of love and selflessness are normally reprimanded by their loving parent and told to be nice and share. The ones that have a tough time learning lessons in sharing are usually the kids that turn out to be society's tough ones to deal with. Trouble is never far from this group of selfishness.

As one gets older, eventually one leaves the safe confines of being a young and innocent. A quality of life we all share that contains freedom from sin or moral wrong doing begins to fade. Eventually one begins to realize that the good nature within us all starts an eroding process, as everything in does, and with it the act of giving love from the heart by sharing fades somewhat along the way. This is a natural tendency of life and the bond that keeps the heart from spiraling out of control is the bond of love itself. Faith and family plays a major role in keeping this bond strong.

Also, If one happens to live away from the countryside's in a populated area such as a big city, one is likely to quickly learn that being a good and decent loving individual might have to be toned down just a bit, for cautionary reason. The dilemma warrants high moral gamble that might leave one having to be protective with people that are unknown. You would be wise to keep a constant guard in order to protect oneself and one's family from harms way, by opening oneself to any stranger in a big city. Unfortunately, this prevents one from being the good natured person that one would like to be.

In my opinion, extending kindness, especially when living outside an urban area, is a normal and natural good thing to do, and very different from the big city life. It warrants a non-moral gamble. Chances are this act of giving love from the heart by sharing usually turns out well. Areas in society where darkness dwell are places where people taking advantage of others, highly exists.

Once grown up, it is very important to keep one's age of innocence closest to to being intact as possible. Humanity over time seems to slowly decay with bad slow creeping into the good. One can arrive to the conclusion, life has a better aspect of quality when it is preserved and maintained by living in a non-urban place. Less crime and corruption exists. A higher quality of learning and education exists. And less darkness in culture exists. A wholesome life of God, family, country and freedom thrives in suburban areas.


The era in which one is born in is also important. I was fortunate to have been a transplant from the North East down to South Eastern peninsula of Florida in 1970. My parents recognized the need to move the family away from the big city life early in my childhood, so I was sparred the real effects of government indoctrination that was to take over all major cities during the seventies and beyond.

What one decides in doing in life has also consequences. Choosing a career or job that makes one happy and satisfied with life is of up most importance and it reflects in the act of love of giving love from the heart by sharing ones blessings with others. This positive feeling is something enjoyed spreading to others. The guidance given to one in a good school early on in life is an important component to forming one's clarity in choosing the right move into a career opportunity or employment.

When one is happy and healthy it is a solid bases for the act of giving love from the heart by sharing and it becomes an instrument of advancing one's purpose or soul's mission in life. Whether one shares quality of time inside a serious relationship with friends, family, oneself, or most importantly with God. Having this understanding creates a cycle of perpetual euphoria in one's heart and mind, which only makes one a better human being, easily detectable with a bright spiritual glow.

As I hit my midlife years, clarity started to really sink in and I realized that the 'pears of wisdom' that one has gathered throughout life are what begins to take in most value. I liked calling it the metaphysical grand or grander purpose in life. Material things are good to have but they do not provide any long term gratification. But, to leave a mark upon Earth with my art that other generations will look upon even maybe take direction from, that would be a worthy act of giving love from the heart by sharing. I had always been a person that had this grandness feeling within my heart and the "Pearls For You" painting had become one of my favorite art piece in expressing that message.

Looking ahead to my remaining years of being a true artist, I would developed a desire and devotion to have my art mean more than just a visualization of my life experience. The art needed to look at the bigger picture of life, as well as the smaller picture in life. My art needed to relate to future generations and express a deep meaning of art messaging.

In conclusion, if one can find a peace and calm from within one's soul with the act of giving love from the heart and sharing these blessings, one will find in doing so the pearls of wisdom in life. This modern time only make it harder for the good folks to spread goodwill to others, but we must make the effort. Find your pearls as I found mine and your life will have greater meaning!

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