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Man's Own World:
A look back, present and future.

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When the drawing "Man's Own World" was completed in 1981, during my high school senior year, instinctually I knew that a very special art piece had just been created. One that would mark a high point in my artistic career and begin the quest to become a true artist.


A "true artist" as defined by CP:
An individual that creates art out of pure passion
for posterity, based on his human life experience,
and with a sense of gratitude to the Creator for his
existence that allows him to serve a grander purpose.


Years would pass before my mission in life, through my art, would be understood. During this period of early fine art development, time would serve as an vital tool in acquiring knowledge and activating a philosophical change, or process, within me that would forever make my artwork meaningful and totally self-rewarding.

On my own, I had learned to define and gradually perfect this process in all my art pieces in order to contain a metaphysical construct in various states (minimal, mid & maximum) by using a layering of messaging, symbolism and meaning. This new developmental artist in-the-works would not yet be fully comprehended by myself or others.

What was happening to me was a self discovery of soul enrichment. I was learning abut the type of artwork that would eventually be my brand of fine art. I would later define it as "metaphysical art." Each art piece would reveal itself by its 3D construct of philosophical art messaging and my passion for creating more of it would increase.

What would not be known at that time, was that the newly created art piece "Man's Own World," at its minimal state-of-being in metaphysical construct, would be my calling in the arts, by embarking me on a virtuous journey towards having a sense of purpose for my artwork. From that point on, a serious complex tone would be set for the philosophical art messaging of all my art creation.

As you take some time to view "Man's Own World" at its mid state-of-being in metaphysical construct, you will notice; the New York City skyline that shows the New York City Twin Towers, both standing tall with darkness surrounding the buildings (symbolism: evil all around). Also notice; the cold death feel each human figure represents (symbolism: progressive decapitation of man). Plus notice: the cracking broken glass being depicted (symbolism: chaos and destruction in each man's world). Finally notice; the bright illuminating street lights (symbolism: sun and moon cult religions). All of which, this symbolism represents the next metaphysical layering of 3D construct of philosophical art messaging.

The art piece "Man's Own World," at its maximum state-of-being in metaphysical construct, is a representation of an opening through the fabric of time, slightly slipped open to unveil a warning made to us all that it was time–to awaken and prepare! A morbid physiological metaphor is one for a fast changing world, sadly, not for the better. This was the final layering in the 3D construct of philosophical art messaging.

On September 11th, 2001, the warning message behind "Man's Own World" would finally materialize for everyone to see. It would change America and the world forever. It would also drastically change my priorities of life, as I am sure it did for countless of others. Creating meaningful and purpose-filled art would be my main focus from this point onward. God, family, country and freedom, would now be the prime order and motivational factors in all my artwork.

The destruction that pure evil was about to again unleash post 911, and upon humanity, especially towards Christians, would become mankind's dilemma to dwell upon for decades to come. Combating this intolerant ideology of evil, would unite Americans, only for a very brief moment in time (about six months), then the real answers to the questions: who?, what?, when?, where? And why?, would be evaded.

Unfortunately, what really happened to America on 911 would be hidden away by its 'true perpetrators' from the American people, with distractions, distortions and lies that were told in order to keep the real truth hidden away. This decision made against American citizens by the puppet heads of the U.S. government and its puppeteer masters that controlled them, along with the rest of the network nations, began a growing tide of [political] divide and [patriotic] discontent that would be witnessed across American landscape in the form of political or unity rallies in the short years that followed.

For me, these turn of events in the U.S.A. would only strengthen my resolve to create fundamentally principled artwork that would highlight my [Christian belief] faith that was continuously being formed and strengthened on top of other wisdom and knowledge based systems.

The disappointing aspect in the nightmare of 911 would become that Americans eventually went back to sleep and remain ignorant as they were prior 911 to what was truly happening with the internal and external strategies being applied to take down America by her enemies. Traditional Americana (and adjoining capitalism) was being removed and replaced with dark/evil internationalism that contained lethal dose of creeping totalitarianism (made up of socialism, communism, fascism and fused Islam/Mohammedanism and anarchism. Even worse, the rest of the world was also increasing its anti-Americanism through the confines of the United Nations. America's enemies were on the move!

What needed to be achieved with my art had become obvious by 2002 as my temporal mind had been nudged me into catching-up to my creative mind. This merger of mind-body connectivity was mostly due to the parallels between 911 and "Man's Own World Drawing" and it had resulted in the amount of time I invested in learning what was really happening in the world through; history, politics, culture, science and religion, by consuming news, researching information, buying and reading books and magazines (especially printed in late 1800s and early 1900s), streaming internet shows, movies and documentaries, going to the theater, watching television and cable T. V. and listening to conservative news terrestrial and on-line radio.


  Artwork Drawing- Man's Own World
Man's Own World Drawing, Copyright © 1981, Carlos Pijeira. All rights reserved.

Man's Own World
by Carlos Pijeira

When man concentrates too much in oneself
and not enough on others, ultimately he begins to break apart from life itself.

From the
Poetry Collection of Carlos Pijeira
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By 2004, I had consumed a blanket of information about civilization and was subliminally looking for patterns to justify what I had been sensing philosophically and the searching for life's meaning that I had endured since starting the quest of my art career. Unfortunately fine arts had been put on the back burner due to one thing or another and substituted with graphic arts during the late 1980s and 1990's, all for which could be directed towards–not as an excuse, but as a reality check–a lack of inspiration for artwork creation.

In 2006, my learning curve had been enhanced to the point that my creative abilities were ready to be once again expressed with all that was leaned and experienced. To do this meant my regular job that was consuming and draining my passion in the arts, for a false sense of security, would need to be removed and replaced with a new revival and outlook for my life's mission. With a some money that I had saved up, the time right to make the transition of having freedom to be a true artist!

While acquiring knowledge and wisdom to expand my mind analytically, in order to support my creativity for a better artwork creation process, I was ready to focus solely in my life's work of creating what I would describe as metaphysical art. My reality and surreal reality clicked together and I began to realize the type of art I had created and was about to continue creating.

Finally, at the end of 2007, I had enough of the wasted time of being plugged into the monotonous machine of society and took the leap of faith–inspired by one my favorite mentors "Rush Limbaugh"–and left my safe confines of a 40+ hours work week job to find my way back into the world of art. Soon afterwards the vision for the special project "Art by CP" would materialize.

Throughout mankind's history, an ideological plague of totalitarianism had been metastasizing and growing in size, power and greed. Hidden away in the darkest bowels of society were lost souls siding with evil, and they had a vile intent to destroy humanity's freedom with the obsession they had ever since the beginning of time. A moral obligation to do my part in fighting the spiritual war of good against evil–on the side of good–began to emerge. Right into 2008 a deep urge emerged to help guide man back towards God. The foundation of inspiration for Art by CP had been laid, as also with my artistic purpose for my mission in life.

During 2010-14, awakened American patriots were tired and grew impatient with our government. They began to voice discontent and opinions with a new vibrant movement called the 'Tea Party.' They had enough with the political establishment that had run Washington D.C., for four presidential terms. They began to embrace true change. America was finally beginning to once again awaken and stay awake with where their nation was further sinking into.

Things everywhere were getting worse and Washington's political class with its elites were ignoring the deep concerns of decent Americans. By 2015, the political season for the 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections was in action, a newcomer would come into politics and take America over by storm ... a man by the name Donald J. Trump would enter the race and win the Republican nomination and go on to win the main election, against all odds. The evolution from Tea Party to Trump Party of a "America First" and "Make America Great Again [MAGA]" had been a success and was now ready to take over America and save the world from the jaws of evil.


With the 2016 election over, a new U.S. president was chosen to fix the chaos left over from previous leaders. The heated contest had left America more defined than ever. This shock began an internal ideological war between a fresh nationalism from an tired globalism power shift, and took the argument of left versus right paradigm to new level.

The psychological under currant following the 2016 election was that the winner on the Republican side was to save America's decline of being the world's solo superpower, and to stop the dark forces of globalism that were caught with their hands inside the control levers of America. These leftist progressive globalists would fight back with all their consolidated power in order to prevent the new President from making America great again.

The 45th U.S. President of the United States had in his hands an opportunity to reclaim all of what could make America great again. And to stop the United States domestic and foreign enemies (totalitarians) dead on their tracks from finishing off what remained of classic Americana. Recapturing of the spirit of American love of country, innovation, entrepreneurship and freedom had begun!

As my evolution to be a true artist became more vibrant and pronounced in 2016, I was able to recognize the promising times ahead for the nation and the world. The euphoria inside me would put years of great stress behind and focus my skills and talent into creating intense future art pieces.

Internally, America's was in shambles from years of a leftism take-over of all the nation's main institutions. Hollywood had crushed the positive American values and image, domestically and internationally. Academia had brainwashed the youth of America and distort true history while disrupting proper learning. I could go on and on and keep listing all of the mass destruction–which I intend to do in other future blog posts–but, lets just cut to the chase for now, and let me claim that 'America the beautiful' was no longer ... and was on its way back!

No thanks to our enemy's ideology that took no prisoners, and was dead set in destroying all of what made America great, the present-day outlook for America was bleak at best, until true hope was blessed upon us all. A new chance to mend the prior wrongs and to get close again to God.

The future looked promising. Those of us who believed in America, "IN GOD WE TRUST," were ecstatic. Things were about to get much better for everyone, if we did not loose the faith in the Lord and followed His teachings. It would be up to the spiritually revived Americans to continue 'American exceptionalism' and do what was best ... to lead from the heart, and lead with strength from the front!

Man no longer can trust polished individuals who only know how to say all the right things in order to lead and destroy humanity. We need men of proven results to defend and protect humanity. We need to love our fellow man. We need to get closer with God! As the poetry "Man's Own World" states, "When man concentrates too much on oneself and not enough on others, ultimately he begins to break from life itself." The near future will tell if took in the warning.

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