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Artwork quote ...

"Artwork for me, has always been about the observations, visions, imprints and dreams of which makes the artist who he or she was, is and becomes.

The time and how I go about creating fine art as serious to me, as a surgeon time for his passion. For me the meaning of art creation is about a sincere and humble harmony in which one get to know the inner self.

This art and artist relationship is one of a quest for understanding the meaning of life and the realizing of my dream.

–Carlos Pijeira

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About the Metaphysical Artwork:

The vision for the Art by CP "Artwork" is to also showcase "what is mankind?" with a metaphysical add-on value attached to the artwork.

The artwork delves into various areas of the history of man. Bringing to life in order to question it's past and those who were a part of the outcome, of it's doing.

Artist Statement:

ARTWORK ... has such a deep meaning for a true artist, that if he or she is devoted to ones purpose in being then that artist will think beyond "self" and far beyond ones lifetime to create art with passion for man and civilization.

by Carlos Pijeira

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The metaphysical art showcased at the Art by CP Special Project is simple to understand when observed as a single artwork. It becomes complex when observed as an art "piece" or an art "group" within an art "series." And even more complex when observed as an art series within an art "collection".This layering of thought perception and interaction between an individual state and a collective state was intentionally conceived with a grand purpose in mind by artist, CP. As he describes it, "The metaphysical art of Art by CP is like walking up a stairway into superior levels of consciousness that leads one towards a higher level of human observation and understanding."

Art by CP is a mind-bending metaphysical web experience to better understand as humans, who we are, why we are here, and to take time to observe our lives, the world and the Universe that we live in. From micro to macro... to question everything around us and try to make some sense of it all.

The artwork structure behind Art by CP is the evolution of imagination and inspiration merged together with creativity. A structure that uses a metaphysics and other branches of philosophy to understand reality.

The structure behind Art by CP is an faction of inspiration, imagination and exploration bonded together with creativity and thought of reason and logic. The structure uses metaphysics and other branches of philosophy to understand reality. It helps one observe the world and the Universe that we live in, from micro to macro, into a higher levels of consciousness.

Art by CP compartmentalizes it's art together into two different containers. The "rational thought" and "non-rational thought". These containers allow the sorting out of creating a "simplistic to complex" and "inward to outward" introspect of the Special Project's message. With these layers of perspective to observe the containers that hold the artwork components, a vision begins to surface for Special Project.

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